Identification and Number of Interviewees

We identified interviewees through a series of methods, relying to different degrees on different methods depending on the location of the interviews (e.g. international guides are useful in the primary arbitration centre, but much less useful elsewhere).

We started by consulting the leading international guides (Chambers, WhosWhoLegal, Legal500), as well as additional guides where they were available.  We then consulted with the leading arbitration institution(s) in the jurisdiction, who are often an excellent source on leading local practitioners who may not have the sort of international recognition that will get them listed in the international guides, as well as on less prominent people who are nonetheless active in the field.  We then also consulted LinkedIn and the websites of leading law firms.  Finally, we would also in some cases “snowball”, which means asking individuals already identified for interviews if they would recommend other interviewees.  Once we had a list of potential interviewees we would then assemble groups, attempting to ensure that we covered a diversity of individuals, rather than only interviewing those with the biggest “names” – the goal of the project is precisely to generate information on arbitration’s diversity, so including both leading individuals and less prominent figures is essential.

Thus far in the project we have interviewed 123 practitioners in 13 cities in 5 countries.  These can be broken down as follows:

27 interviewees (Cairo, Alexandria)

United Kingdom
(Note: Interviews in the United Kingdom are being undertaken across the 5 years of the project.  This includes multiple sessions of interviews in London – the next session being September 2019.  As a result, these interviews only constitute a portion of the interviews that will be undertaken in London and in the U.K.)
18 interviewees (London)

20 interviewees (Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense)

44 interviewees (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmo)

14 interviewees (Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger)

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